Our Products

Our company develops and manufactures pyrotechnic initiators and gas generators used in passenger car safety systems, which are aspects of passive passenger protection systems. They are essential in the deployment of airbags and the activation of seatbelt pretensioners, as well as in other protection mechanisms such as active head restraints and hood lifts to protect pedestrians. The growing pace of development in the automotive industry has caused higher rates of accident incidents, which leads to increased demand on automobile security features. Our products can be found in almost all makes of passenger cars.

A micro gas generator is a device that acts to retract the seatbelt (seatbelt pretensioner) in the event of a collision.
A squib is an ignition part embedded in inflators and micro gas generators.

Safety System

Operating Mechanism of Automobile Safety Parts

  1. The Collision sensor is a device embedded in the front portion of the vehicle, which detects collisions.
  2. The Diagnostic device determines whether a collision is caused by an accident or not.
  3. When determined as an accident, an electrical signal is relayed to the squib.
  4. The squib's explosive agent is ignited by the relayed electrical signal.
  5. Gas generating agent is ignited, and gas is generated.
  6. When the "airbag" is inflated, the "seatbelt pretensioner" retracts the seatbelt, absorbing the shock received by the passenger.

*This process from 1 to 6 is completed in about 0.05 seconds.